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2011.02.25 | National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

Art funds, private museums, galleries that take care of artists' career, contemporary art collections - these are the brand new words in vocabulary of Eastern Europe.

On 25th of February Art Club invites you to get acquainted with international art market expert that perfectly knows the features of Eastern Europe.

Paulina Kolczynska works with one of the most challenging foundation in Poland Art Station„Art Station“(ASF). The foundation organizes various art events, shows art to promote knowledge and a life style and works as a focal point to all the region. In 2010 -2011 Mrs Kolczynska has been the Chairman of the Board and the Artistic Director of ASF. She works on the fine art part of the program and consults about building the art collection.

Paulina Kolczynska will present the strategy and activities of Art Station„Art Station“, will talk about perspectives of Eastern and Central European art and possible synergy of business and art.


Paulina Kolczynska

Paulina Kolczynska (Poznan, Poland)

Chairman of „Art Station“ Foundation

„Art Station“ Foundation (ASF) was launched in 2004. The owner of the foundation is Grazyna Kulczyk. Mrs Kulczyk is active art collector and patron of the arts and entrepreneur. For several years she is regarded as one of the richest Poles.

The aim of ASF is to create a platform for dialogue for many generations of artists, the confrontation of students and teachers and to promote the highest artistic quality. Moreover, it seeks to stay as the most open to the public, bridging the gap between the artist and the audience.

The foundation organizes exhibitions (contemporary visual arts, photography and design), presentations of performing arts (theater and dance) as well as film screenings and music concerts in the Old Brewery in Poznan. The complex of Old Brewery includes huge art spaces, a shopping center and a unique interactive art hotel „Blow up Hall“.

The Old Brewery project was awarded by various Polish and foreign institutions. In 2008 the project won the award in the category of the best commercial facility in Europe and in the world and was recognized to be one of the 20 icons of Polish architecture created after 1989. You may find the full list of the awards here.

The complex operates according to the 50/50 concept - this is a place that is equally divided into art and business. The Old Brewery has enormous importance as a cultural centre and stimulating factor for the whole city. The direct scope of the object’s influence comprises 40 per cent inhabitants of the city.



  • 16.30-17.00 Registration of participants
  • 17.00-18.30 Lecture of Paulinos Kolczynska
  • 18.30-19.00 Wine reception
*Lecture will be held in English with no translation


Ticket price - 100 Lt*

The number of participants is limited. Advance registration is required.

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