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Art Club aims to introduce you to the art market, its participant, main principals and art collecting culture.




2010.11.23 | Auditorium of Swedbank, Riga

Collecting contemporary art still has more intrigue than charm for the most of the business people. Today media incorrectly enlightens the value of contemporary art. The lack of communication between art and business strengthens clarifying the main art market fundamentals. On the other hand, collecting contemporary art is a rapidly growing both cultural and business phenomenon in West and East.

How to choose valuable contemporary artworks? How much return on investment (ROI) to expect collecting contemporary art? What written and unwritten rules are valid in the art market? The world known art experts will answer the questions and even more in the seminar “Collecting Contemporary Art”.


Iain Robertson (UK)

Head of Art Business Studies at Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Iain Robertson is an advisor to the biggest contemporary art library in Asia “Asia Art Archive” (Hong Kong), Honorary Director of Education at MoMA Hong Kong and a consultant to the private banking arm of “Hana Bank” (South Korea).

In addition to over 100 articles about art market, he is the author of the books: Understanding International Art Markets and Management (2005) and The Art Business (2008). A third book on emerging art markets will be published in December, 2009 and it will be presented during the lecture in Vilnius.

Mara Lace (Latvia)

Director of National Museum of Art

The Latvian National Museum of Art’s collection is the biggest in the Baltics and the most valuable given the level and quality of the artworks. Alongside the permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Latvian National Museum of Art is known for its educational projects.

Mare Lace consulted SWEDBANK creating the collection of contemporary Latvian art. At present SWEDBANK collection is the largest collection of contemporary Latvian art. 70 contemporary Latvian artists are represented in SWEDBANK art collection; the collection consists of more than 60 paintings, 100 graphic works, several sculptures and wall objects.


16.30-17.00 Registration

17.00-16.30 Mara Lace "Collecting Art"

17.30-18.00 Iain Robertson "Art as Commodity"*

19.00-20.00 Opening of exhibition of Antonija Auction House. Wine reception

*Lecture will be held in English with no translation


The number of participants is limited. Advance registration is required.

Ticket price - 40 LVL

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